Welcome to the DAO Forum

Greetings, NuCypher community member! A warm welcome to the official NuCypher DAO forum.

Following mainnet launch, the NuCypher protocol – the contracts governing participation rules, economics/incentives and collateral management (staking) – will continue to evolve. Although certain parameters and design choices are irreversible post-launch, there are a number of critical mechanisms that can be upgraded or augmented in order to improve service quality, security, economic sustainability and the general health of the network. For some inspiration and background, check out the nucypher/protocol repo.

The DAO forum is your arena to test the strength of ideas, get feedback on development/analysis, collaborate on promising solutions and ultimately, see your proposals succeed and the changes duly merged into the NuCypher contracts.

A warning; collectively improving the protocol is no walk in the park. It requires tremendous open-mindedness and patience with the ideas of others, awe-inspiring humility and flexibility with your own ideas, and above all, diligent adherence to a shared process, to ensure smooth coordination. This shared process can be thought of as a proposal pipeline – an order of play that we all try our bloody best to stick to. The following is my suggested pipeline:

Step 1 – Community member submits their initial proposal to the Research & Discussion category. Demonstrative implementations may be included at this stage to strengthen the proposal, but with the awareness that the work may not receive widespread approval or be merged.

Step 2 – The initial proposal receives feedback, criticism and, if they’re lucky, volunteers for further collaborative development/refinement. If the general reception is positive, they proceed to the next step.

Step 3 – Community member(s) work on fully implementing the proposal. This will typically take place on their fork(s) of the NuCypher repository.

Step 4 – Community member opens PR(s) to the NuCypher repository and simultaneously submits a corresponding proposal to the Proposals category. There, a final case for the change is presented. Debate, tweaks, and (hopefully) widespread approval ensues.

Step 5 – A DAO Proposal Validation process commences. The details (start date, end date, ballot links, etc.) are also shared in Proposals. If requisite validation is reached by the end of the validation process, the PR is merged into the NuCypher codebase. There is much rejoicing.

If you have questions about the DAO, feel free to ping me, @dnunez or any other NuCypher team-member on Discord in the nucypher-dao channel. Or, you know, write something in the forum!