Lowering Amount of Nu Required

I was just wondering if there is talk, or if there can be talk to lower the amount of Nu required to run nodes and stake to 10k rather than 15k.
This would bring a lot more people into the community. I would love to be a part of the team, I just can’t afford to, just like so many others. I’m forced to use Coinlist to stake.
I would MUCH rather do it myself directly.

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What amount of NU would you consider? I believe the required amount is 15K due to having people stake for longer periods of time and the integrity of the nodes. If they lowered it down to, let’s just say 1,000NU, mostly anyone could run a node. More people with bad hardware, bad WIFI, etc., would be running the nodes. Companies rely on these nodes for their key management/security and they wouldn’t want their nodes to stop running/going offline. I could be completely wrong though, just my guess.

I agree with you, and 1k is not even close to enough. Too many people that have bought a few hundred dollars of Nu trying to run nodes. I think maybe 10k range 8k-12k?

I think a potential modification of the minimum stake would be well-timed with the launch of tBTC v2. We’d probably want to work backwards from the desired number of nodes and set the minimum based on what we think is most likely to get us there.

Another thing to keep an eye on is the tBTC v2 coverage pools, where people could stake their tokens as insurance rather than to run a node. This would be possible with significantly smaller stakes.

Lastly, the staking pool smart contract was recently audited so it’s possible people will start deploying those soon, which would allow people with less than the minimum stake to join a non-custodial pool in order to stake.