KEaNu and 3rd party Staking

I am curious, along with the majority of minority Nu owners, about how the proposal of a new token will be issued via staking in a 3rd party aspect.

A LOT of people do not have enough Nu to stake within the network themselves, or the know-how. Instead, they use a third party like Coinlist to stake and earn rewards.

As I was reading proposals, I noticed that proposals wanted to keep Nu’s staking power the same, however its value(in my opinion) would most likely decline vs the new one, but there is the option of claiming the new ‘t’ token as a reward.

Will the team make it easy for Coinlist to choose rewards per user, or will it be all one reward or the other?

In my opinion, I think it would be better to transfer Nu staking rewards straight to the new ‘t’ rewards in those third parties.

Otherwise people will stop buying Nu realizing the only way to use it is to being very computer literate, and to have an obscene amount to start.(I do not know if that is intended to the people that already have a ton, so you can just keep collecting a ton at low prices.)

Not really sure, but I would like to have what I’m staking stay relevant. I think this block chain has potential, especially since the effort to combine, but there needs to be some type of security.

BTW I think the white pages needs updated greatly.