Arbitrary gas limit setting for ursula confirmations

Hi nucypher participants -

I’m running an ursula node and anxious about high gas costs now and in the future.

this is a temperature check for an addition to the ursula cli that allows users to arbitrarily set confirmation transaction gas limits.

ideal functionality would look something like:

Setting gas limit at X gwei, worker intermittently checks to see if the tx will likely succeed, then transaction goes through when most likely to succeed. This is at the risk of the gas prices staying too high throughout a given day and the worker node not confirming and losing the period.

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There is definitely appetite/interest in exploring various ways to reduce the gas costs of running a node.

Previous discussions include significant changes like reducing the frequency of commitment transactions from daily to weekly ( and smaller optimizations like escalation strategies (

The latter is included in a WIP PR ( but the former has more significant tradeoffs that require deeper thought, especially if policies that demand high availability are introduced into the network (e.g. threshold sigs).

This gas limit idea may be worth considering for inclusion in PR#2331. And since it shouldn’t require any changes to the smart contracts it doesn’t need to be validated via a DAO proposal.


BTW, this was implemented in v4.4.0 @connor!

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