Amazon, Unravel, Keanu

Amazon… i see alot of previous work with amazon. With the new eth partnership. Is there a possibility nu will be linked to the project

Unravel… a new project that is using previous partners, spark , cloud era, apache. Is there any possibility nucypher is linked to the project?

Keanu… i feel this project will be a game changer. Love to hear thoughts on so.

NuCypher is not partners with Amazon. I’m not sure why this is a popular rumor on social media… Separately, Amazon is not a partner with Ethereum either, afaik. They will run an ETH node for you, if you pay them, but they do not otherwise “use” Ethereum.

Sorry, I’m not familiar with Unravel.

Yes, Keanu is certainly exciting :sunglasses:

BTW, for chat-type questions I encourage you to join our telegram or Discord (the latter for more technical or development oriented discussions). This forum is mostly meant for DAO -related discussions and proposals. :slight_smile:

Just joined! No thank you for those 2 updates. Can definitely clear up a-lot of speculation.

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