About the Research & Discussion category

The Research & Discussion category is for the community to submit and debate ideas, analysis, research and critiques that advance and refine the NuCypher protocol, but require extensive feedback and collaboration before they can develop into formal upgrade proposals and move to the Proposals category.

Research & Discussion is also the home of long-standing design & parametrization questions - i.e. issues which require continual re-evaluation and periodic upgrades in response to changing circumstances and fresh research. These contain the tag Never-Shelve in the title, and notable examples of these issues include Pricing the NuCypher Service and the Confirm Availability problem. Note that there is usually a lot of context to Never-Shelve issues, organised in the nucypher/protocol repository.

Has anyone researched turning NuCypher into an app? I can only access the site via phone, and it’s not always user friendly. Just a thought.